US Truck Sizes, Pallet Position & Railroad Car Specifications/Information


US State Truck Sizes and Weight Profiles

Diving deep into the world of truck regulations across the U.S., we’ve gathered all you need to know about State-specific rules. From coast to coast, discover how these laws shape the way trucks move on our National Highway System.


This guide breaks down how many pallets various trucks and trailer sizes are recommended to safely hold. These insights can help you plan your next haul efficiently. From compact box trucks to the largest legal-sized over-the-road trailers, you will get answers to your questions answered here.

US Railroad Car Sizes and Weight Profiles

A wide variety of railroad cars haul various types of specific products and freight.  Each has its size and purpose. From different-sized boxcars to unique tank cars for products, this guide gives a clear overview of the different kinds of railroad cars, their overall dimensions, and their use.

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