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Plunge in US imports accelerates; volumes near pre-COVID levels

The situation remains far from normal at some U.S. ports. There were still 18 container ships at anchor waiting for a berth in Savannah, Georgia, on Monday. But for the country overall, plummeting inbound cargo volumes are bringing imports close to where they were before the pandemic-induced spending splurge.

State of Retail Supply Chain 2022

As supply chains grow more complex and prone to disruptions, more and more companies are turning to third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for help. 3PLs can provide a whole host of distribution and fulfillment services for their clients, from warehousing and inventory management to shipping and receiving, transportation management and freight brokerage, and returns management.

Gains in July US imports from Asia debunk ‘cliff’ speculation

US imports from Asia in July rose from both June and the year-ago period, the clearest indication yet that the import cliff expected from some market observers has not materialized. July, in fact, was the third-busiest month this year in the eastbound trans-Pacific and was up 13.1 percent from pre-pandemic July 2019.

The trucking industry will be in trouble if demand drops to pre-COVID levels

Trucking spot rates are way up, but so are operating expenses. What does this mean for carriers?  “Demand is just falling back to pre-pandemic levels.” I’ve heard this rebuttal to my earlier articles about a 2022 trucking “bloodbath” (here and here) for the past week. If “demand falls back to pre-pandemic levels” turns out to be true, the …

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