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The Federal Reserve Bank "Watch"

The Following FRED Charts show the trajectories of economic recessions & recoveries

Why We Think You Should Be Aware of the Importance of The Federal Reserve’s “SLOOS REPORT.” 

One of the most critical but often overlooked reports The Federal Reserve Bank intermittently prepares throughout the year is the Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey “SLOOS” (see below to download). This survey is based upon a series of questions that the “Fed” is asking and getting responses from the Senior Loan Officers of the top 100 largest US Commercial Banks. 

Due to the Fed’s recent “credit tightening policies” starting in March 2022, financing availability and costs, have become more restrictive for businesses and consumers. Cost will probably remain high in the coming months. As interest rates rise and lenders tighten credit standards, financing for significant purchases of any type and operating expenses could become more complex to control. 

Click Here to Download the Fed’s latest SLOOS Report (July 2023). We will also provide “updates” to this critical report as soon as FRED (Federal Reserve) releases them. 

Protect Your Business from Tightening Credit with Sale-Leaseback Financing

A Solution For Refinancing & Liquidity: Sale-Leasebacks

Don’t Forget the Following About Sale-leasebacks: 

Sale-leaseback financing can provide an alternative solution for business owners looking to access capital while credit conditions tighten or remain high. 

What is a Sale-Leaseback? 

A sale-leaseback is a transaction where a business sells an asset, often real estate, to an investor and then leases it back to continue using it. The company receives a lump-sum payment from the sale that can be used for any purpose while also being able to keep operating from the property through the lease agreement. 

Benefits of a Sale-leaseback transaction in a “Tight Credit” environment: 

  • Access capital without needing to qualify for additional financing. 
  • Monetize existing assets to generate funds. 
  • Lock in favorable lease terms for continued low-cost use of the businesses in its current facility.  
  • Avoid relying on banks or lenders and delays for funding. 

Sale-leasebacks allow businesses to tap into their capital reserves through owned real estate when financing options are scarce. This alternative funding can be vital for managing downturns and periods of uncertainty. 

Contact us today to learn how a sale-leaseback can help “Recession-Proof” your business. 

Investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with Industrial Real Estate investments, including the option of sale-leaseback transactions, are encouraged to reach out to us. We provide curated opportunities tailored to your specific investment goals and objectives.  

Let us guide you through the process and connect you with premium properties and deals in this thriving sector. 

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