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I hope your time on the website has given you an understanding of our company, Corporate America Realty & Advisors ("CARA"), and how we differentiate ourselves from New Jersey's Industrial and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Industry. We operate as a highly specialized "Industrial Real Estate Brokerage Boutique," offering customized real estate and business solutions rather than the typical 'one size fits all Department Store style" approach.

"CARA's" comprehensive services are for clients looking to optimize their warehouse and distribution center real estate, planning processes, and bottom line.

Our team of industrial real estate experts has a deep understanding of the NJ market, providing clients with customized solutions for all their warehouse and distribution center needs. We conduct detailed market research to identify the best sites for our clients and assist with negotiating terms and conditions. In addition, we can also provide experts on legal and regulatory matters, helping clients to ensure their operations comply with all applicable laws.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively, whether they may be looking to either lease, purchase or sell Industrial Real Estate in New Jersey or elsewhere around the United States.

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