Our Mission

CARA’s mission is to understand each of our client’s business models, their real estate problems or investment criteria. We then then identifying unique opportunities in the “Marketplace(s)” to solve them.

By engaging CARA, you and members of your Company will have the opportunities of working with experienced and highly knowledgeable Industrial and “CRE” broker professionals, that are armed with the most powerful and current data in the industry.

Our clients quickly become educated in “Representation, relationships and the potential of “Conflicts of Interests” and how they can impact their bottom-line, . . . years after the transaction was finalized!

With their understanding, of the “players, their roles and who they truly “serve”, the value of having their own experienced and market savvy broker(s) to exclusively represent their interests and having their own “hired broker(s) creating ‘leverage for them” rather than working with those that have a fiduciary obligation to take it away.

CARA’s exclusive tenants and buyers, know that they have their own skilled brokerage specialists that will more than “level the playing field for them”!

Our Background

Since 1984, in both”Bad Times”and”Good Times”Corporate America Realty & Advisors have helped our customers grow their businesses because they understand the benefits of close working relationships. They know that by engaging a Commercial Industrial real estate brokerage company that specializes in exclusive representation of Tenants and Buyers of Industrial and Commercial Real Estate, that their interests and negotiations will be top priority.

Our Manifesto

Most prospects are unaware of who a broker/agent really represents when they are working with real estate companies that are exclusively marketing and managing properties for owners/landlords, or having “equity interests” or develop real estate for their own account. Those real estate companies and their agents have a contractual relationship anda fiduciary responsibility to work and perform in the best interest (lease or sell the property/space at the “maximum” market price) for their “client” (owner/landlord).

What makes us different

At Corporate America Realty & Advisors, we do not exclusively market or manage properties for major landlords; nor are we intertwined with them through ownership.
We do not develop properties for our own accord.
Our customers avoid getting caught in possible real estate related conflicts of interest that can result in additional costs, less favorable conditions and terms or a combination of both that can cost them significant money for years “after the original transaction” was made!
We specialize in reverse leveraging the real estate market on behalf of our customers, and pride ourselves on “having their back” all the time.

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