The FED Quickly Did A Pivot On Interest Rates In November Because They “Are Now In Panic Mode” 

I believe in the “Lag Effect” and that the economy historically moves several months behind FED interest rate adjustments. We both know that the FED should have started gradually raising interest rates at least 1 year earlier than when they began in March, 2022 in their “quest” to bring inflation down to a 2% annual rate. 

Instead, they mad-dashed rushed to parabolically raise interest rates by 500 basis points from March, 2022 until they hit their “Emergency Brakes” in November 2023. 

Jerome Powell, the head of The Federal Reserve Bank, and his “cadre” of board members (Biden appointed four) saw the increases in slowing down various sectors of the economy through their rapid interest rate policies. 

There has been a historical “Lag Effect,” that is triggered by “actions” of the Fed’s Interest swing(s) (up or down), that take about 5-7 months before the Nation’s Economy to react to those changes.

The “cadre” sees numbers well before publicly publishing them! 

2024, is a major political year, because of the upcoming Presidential Election! 

The “cadre,” saw the “numbers” in advance, that are hitting various sectors of the economy and parts of the Country. Their pre-planned damage that they hoped their interest rate policies would create to slow inflation, . . . has accelerating quicker than ” Jerome Powell’s Braintrust” scheme.

Inflation is slowing down, but will it create a long period of “deflation of prices, layoffs, bankruptcies and maybe worse”?  

I believe it will.

Stay tuned! 

Below are three key Federal Reserve reports to look at, and even download to help you decide.

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Have A Happy, Healthy Holiday Season, and may “2024”, Be A Very Profitable Year For You. 


Howard Applebaum 
Corporate America Realty & Advisors

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