Unlocking Value in Real Estate Owned (“REO”) Assets: The Potency of a Sale-Leaseback 

Corporate America Realty & Advisors: Guiding You Through Sale-Leaseback Transactions 

In the dynamic world of industrial and commercial real estate, the sale-leaseback has emerged again as a powerful tool for businesses to unlock the hidden value of their real estate assets. Corporate America Realty & Advisors, will take companies, entrepreneurs, and investors through the nuances, implementation and execution of sale-leaseback transactions, ensuring a smooth process for them. 

What is Sale-Leaseback? 

A sale-leaseback is a financial transaction where a company or owner that occupies and operates their business in a property sells the asset(s) to an investor with a newly structured lease that leases it back. This arrangement allows businesses to free up equity that has been fixed in real estate while retaining the property’s operational use. 

Benefits of Sale-Leaseback 

  1. Immediate Liquidity: Sale-leaseback provides immediate cash flow by converting fixed assets into capital 
  1. Balance Sheet Optimization: Businesses can improve their balance sheet ratios by transitioning real estate from an owned asset to a leased one. 
  1. Tax Efficiency: Sale leaseback can offer tax benefits, as lease payments are often fully deductible. 
  1. Operational Continuity: Companies maintain operational control of their property without the burdens of ownership. 

Ideal Candidates for Sale-Leaseback 

  • Companies looking to expand or invest in core operations. 
  • Businesses seeking to reduce debt in the current high-interest and lower debt service coverage ratios.  
  • Those that need Cash and Capital infusions that may be necessary for financial restructurings. 

Our Approach at Corporate America Realty & Advisors 

At Corporate America Realty & Advisors, we tailor our approach to each client’s specific needs. Our process includes: 

  • Market Analysis: Assessing the property’s market value and lease terms. 
  • Strategic Planning: Developing a customized strategy that aligns with your business goals. 
  • Transaction Execution: Navigating the complexities of the sale and lease agreement. 


Sale-leaseback is a strategic tool that can provide significant financial and operational advantages. Corporate America Realty & Advisors is your trusted partner in unlocking the potential of your real estate assets or finding investment opportunities through sale-leaseback. 

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