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Corporate America Realty & Advisors (“CARA”) is a unique boutique, Industrial Real Estate Brokerage Company that is New Jersey based, and strictly focuses on the State’s vast Industrial Real Estate Markets of approximately 1 Billion square feet of existing and buildable land sites.

We pride ourselves in obtaining “winning results” for the entrepreneurs, corporations, institutional /private investors that we represent that are seeking to Lease, Acquire, or Sell the following:

A Case Study of "CARA": “Managing The Process”

Kennedy International, Inc

Project Location:
Old Bridge, New Jersey

Property Specifications:
app. 315,000 sq.ft. Distribution Center with 42′ Clear Ceiling Height,
44 Tailboards and 15,000 sq.ft. of Offices

Deal Summary:
Exclusive Tenant/Buyer Brokers for the client, resulting in their acquiring an approximate 46+/- Acre site.
“CARA”assisted in their “turnkey” development/construction and entitlement/approval process which also included the
client obtaining a “Long Term Pilot RE Tax Abatements”


Committed To Our Clients Success!


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We do not exclusively market or manage properties for major landlords; nor are we intertwined with them through ownership.

We do not develop properties for our own accord.

We specialize in reverse leveraging the real estate market for our customers, . . .rather than “the other guys and gals” that are looking to take it away.

We pride ourselves on “watching our customer’s back”, . . . all of the time. Our customers, avoid getting caught in real estate conflicts of interest.

Conflicts of interest can be “financially painful”! They can result in additional expenses less favorable terms and conditions (or a combination of both). Costing more $$ annually, . . . possibly for years, after the original transaction was made!!

Learn more About Exclusive Tenant and Buyer Representation, Relationships and Potential Conflicts of Interests in Industrial/Commercial Real Estate

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"CARA's" comprehensive services are for clients looking to optimize their warehouse and distribution center real estate, planning processes, and bottom line.

Our team of industrial real estate experts has a deep understanding of the NJ market, providing clients with customized solutions for all their warehouse and distribution center needs. We conduct detailed market research to identify the best sites for our clients and assist with negotiating terms and conditions. In addition, we can also provide experts on legal and regulatory matters, helping clients to ensure their operations comply with all applicable laws.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively, whether they may be looking to either lease, purchase or sell Industrial Real Estate in New Jersey or elsewhere around the United States.

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